Green Agate

Also known as chalcedony, agate comes in many types distinguished by their colors and patterns. Tiny crystals of quartz interlock to form agate, which is why it is always opaque to translucent. Agate was thought to protect and give courage to its wearer, and to help against bad dreams and insomnia. Some sources credit Agate with preventing skin ailments, cooling fevers, and relieving thirst.

zhongchenggem's Green Agate is an affordable gem manufactured with the same quality and workmanship you would expect of higher priced gemstones. Our Green Agate is a natural gem with color that rivals emerald and jade. Demand for an economical natural green gem prompted zhongchenggem to cut this durable quartz ‘ͺ 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale ‘ͺ in a variety of round sizes of consistent color and brilliance.

Green Agate

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