Genuine Chrome Pyrope


The family name of chemically related minerals, garnet comes from the Latin granatus for seed-like as many of the crystals have the shape and color of pomegranate seeds. Believed to signify faith, loyalty, truth and devotion, garnet is known as the stone of commitment. It was thought to help its wearer resist melancholy, ward off evil spirits, and spark creativity. Januarys birthstone, garnet also is the recommended gift for a second wedding anniversary. Garnets have good durability ranging from 6.5-7.5 on the Mohs scale, and they are found naturally in most colors except blue.

Genuine Chrome Pyrope Garnet comes in a blood red color that originally inspired the name garnet. It is found in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Australia and the United States.

Passion Classic

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