Company Profile

 Zhong Cheng Gem & Jewellery Co.,Ltd is the Manufacturers & Suppliers of fine quality Cubic Zirconia Machine Cut & Synthetic Stones, Crystal Stones, All types of Imitation Stones, Glass stones, Precious & Semi-Precious Stones as well as Silver (925) / Gold ( 14k, 18k, 22K, 24k)  for Jewellery for more than 30 years!

There are many Companies out there selling Cubic Zirconia/Synthetic Stones for Jewellery, but what makes Zhong Cheng Gem & Jewellery Co., Ltd unique is our commmitment to offer our buyers of high quality machine cut Cubic Zirconia / Synthetic Stones of Superior Cutting & polishing, for maximum brilliance with our Cheapest Prices!

We ensure that all of our Cubic Zirconia Czs/ Synthetic Stones are the finest available. our Cubic Zirconia Cz's /Synthetic Stones are Superior Cutting & Polishing , for maximum brilliance & you can find a noticeable difference between our Cubic Zirconia Cz's/ Synthetic Stones and other Vendors (Suppliers) grades of our Cubic Zirconia Cz's/Synthetic stones which are mass produced and commercially cut with Minimal Finishing Techniques.

With many years of experiences and expertise,Zhong Cheng has been supplying the quality Cubic Zirconia machine cut & Synthetic Stones for jewellery to its customers all around the world for long time and now.

Zhong Cheng Gem is also specializing in various types of fancy shapes in machine cut cubic zirconia , synthetic stones all sizes ,shapes & colors and successfully exporting to various customers all around the world.

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